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About the Railway

An excellent video documentary by Vikas Chander about the Mhow to Akola Railway before the southern portion of the line closed for gauge conversion. Filmed at the height of the monsoon season the video will give viewers a sense of the unique beauty of this rail line that we are trying to preserve. The lines unique features that we would like to save are further detailed below.

Mhow loco shed: The last outposts of steam

The Mhow meter gauge shed was one of the last to home meter gauge steam locomotives lasting up till 1998.

The shed was reopened in 2005 as a diesel shed as the gauge conversion process would soon isolate the line from the Sabarmati and Phulera diesel shed which provided diesels for this line.

Patalpani Waterfall

Patalpani is a approximately 150 metre waterfall on the Choral River that marks the beginning of the Choral River gorge through which the railway runs. Here the gentle rolling plains give way to the rugged scenery that the railway will traverse until Balwara. The waterfall is a popular tourist attraction during the monsoon months drawing visitors from all around the region. For more information visit Mathya Pradesh Tourism

Photos by Natarajana Chandra Sekaran

4 tunnels

The railway passes through 4 short tunnels as it descends the ghats, all dating from the lines construction and feature a unique pointed arch shape. Photos by Nikos Kavoori and Natarajana Chandra Sekaran

Ravine Viaduct 1

Ravine Viaduct 2

Choral Bridges


Kalakund Station

The beginning of the ghat section for Mhow bound trains, here trains will recieve a banker locomotive which will assist trains up the steep grades to Patalpani. The town is also rumored to be the home of the popular Kalakund sweet and vendors often set up here to sell the sweet to passengers during the extend stop.

Balwar loops and Choral Station

Narmada River Bridge

Memories of the Railway

The railway has been written about by many who have fond memories of their visits to see the spectacular scenery and in earlier years to witness the spectacle of regular steam service.

Final Days of the Mhow Steam Shed

Train to Patalpani by Vikas Chander

A journey on the Meenakshi Express